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Necessary Maturity 


The Lord is shortening the time, to get you matured quickly for some purpose, that you will be able to take responsibility early. Why wait until you have had years and years of Christian life before you are able to take serious responsibility in the battle, as in the corporate life of the Lord's people? It is not necessary, but there are a great many people -unfortunately and tragically, the vast number of Christians today -who will not face or contemplate any difficulty. They are going to have a good time; they are going to turn the Christian life and Christianity into a continuous picnic, a continuous holiday: making it all a matter of pleasure. Well, they will break if ever they get into the battle; they will be scattered, if ever they will have to face anything of the third phase of the Christian life. And it is not the Lord's unkindness to put any young Christian into a hard school; it is that He might trust them with large responsibilities, and do it early. 

A. W. Tozer