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It's NOW TIME.  It will always be OUR now time.  It s never- ending. Every time our faith touches Heaven it actualizes the REALITY of the Unknown. What was unknown and unreachable and misunderstood and seeminly unattainable to and by man,  becomes our reality. Our now time.  Each time we reach in faith, we attain the more excellent way, the hidden and secret treasures. What was unknown and ambigious becomes clear, coherent and secure in our NOW reality. Then we prune. 

And then our faith touches Heaven and actualizes another reality. Another NOW time transcends to us.  And then we prune again and escalate again, and again and again. NOW time is always producing.  It s always stretching. It is always contracting for the next untouched reality, the next NEW BIRTH in Him. As we LIVE OUT this ACCOUNTABILITY,  this Body, (Prevailing Word Life Center), actualizes the NOW of Heaven.
...Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Matthew 6:10.  NOW Time.

The next new birth and the next new birth. The next infilling and the next infilling.  The next healing and the next healing.  It will  always be OUR NOW TIME as we stay ACCOUNTABLE to the treasures that Heaven is unfolding and unlocking to us. Our faith actualizes Heavens' reality right here on earth. PWM Life Center!

Karen Christian