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Prophetic Ministry


"Our ability to manifest spiritual fruit in the prophetic depends on our union to the Holy Spirit, not our gifts or skill level.  Real gifting that builds the kingdom comes from deep love.  There will be a great distinction in the days ahead between inspired gifts (gifts that come from this abiding or resting intimacy with the Holy Spirit) and gifts or skills that operate just by the grace of how we were designed.  This is why Paul said Godís gifts and His call are irrevocable (see Romans 11:29).  We will always have the tools that God designed us to use, but whether  these tools are connected to His power and nature or just the power of humanity is up to us.

Sometimes even church people have no identity in God, but they still can be gifted and this has been so confusing historically.  How can a singer write such an amazing song that my faith connects so deeply to, but then that same singer falls into a terrible disconnect with his relationship with God, or we find out later had none at all?  Wasnít his song glorious?  Wasnít his skill amazing?  Werenít the words full of beauty?  He was made to sing and God has given all of humanity access to its full, uniquely designed, eternal toolset, but we canít minister these gifts full of heavenís worth, life, and fulfillment without relationship with the Father.

-Shawn Bolz, Translating God